5th March 2013 – On Tuesday, a Lawmaker from Scotland commended the efforts that had been made by China’s leaders to produce a “beautiful China” by improving both education and health services.

The Convener of Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on China, Graeme Pearson said that he applauded the fast economic development that China had been able to make during the previous few decades.

He said “In the world of the 21st century, China is coming more and more to the forward and has an important role in terms of relationships, a possible market to sell sorts of product for Scotland, and a relationship for the future of the world, in a broader sense of politics”.

Pearson said that the five-year plan, China’s twelfth so far, showed the effort that they were exerting to “manage the economy of the country to spread wealth among the nation, a faster movement of people’s livelihood, quality of life issues are going to be important in the next five years.”

He added that he believed it would be possible for Scotland and China to cooperate in relevant sectors, drawing particular attention to the objectives that had been set out in the five year plan that demanded lower levels of energy consumption and pollution as well as an increase in the capacity of renovation of products that had been created in China.

In reference to the peaceful development of China, Pearson said “you see what China seeks to achieve is reasonable, there is nothing to cause conflicts. I think the same should pertain to the international relationships.”
The Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on China is aimed at promoting Scotland-China relations and recognizes China as a cultural force as well as a global economic power.

The group plans on working with authorities and organizations in China to increase exchanges between the two sides in terms of culture, economics and education as well as creating more interaction with the Chinese community in Scotland and developing a dialogue with the Chinese General Consulate in Edinburgh.