22nd January 2019 - Golden Circle Capital today announced the release of its latest series findings on industrial companies and the current economic climate in China.

Golden Circle Capital’s survey was conducted from December 2017 through to December 2018 and the results drew up over a hundred medium-sized Chinese companies seeking their views on prospective plans and asset classes for the New Year.

Golden Circle Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Ms. Debbie Chen commented on the survey saying “This survey underscores our focus on investment themes that integrate the insights of equity strategists and equity analysts and highlight our commitment to putting clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment debates here at Golden Circle Capital.”

“This survey conducts proprietary evidence research to validate investment theses on behalf the analysts at Golden Circle Capital.  The latest publication is focussed on buying industrials ahead of the strengthening in the corporate cycle and things look positive going in to the new year”, added Debbie Chen, Chief Investment Officer of Golden Circle Capital.

Manulife Plaza, global headquarters of Golden Circle Capital

Manulife Plaza, global headquarters of Golden Circle Capital

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